What Our Customers Say
“The first time we chose Sig Cox because they weren't only the cheapest but also had a good reputation and were wonderful in their responsiveness, getting us estimates and working with our needs and schedules. The second time we did some other quotes, but again they were the least expensive and also with the best responsiveness and customer service both for maintenance of the first unit last year and for the request for an estimate for the new unit. No other company we contacted was this good – not even close. Both jobs have been done on time, with respect for the house and are working wonderfully. The workmanship appears to be very good to this moderately practiced eye.”
– Satisfied Customer
“Sig Cox installed a new A/C unit and new duct work throughout the attic. We would never use another company and have used them for all of our A/C work in the past. Great company!! Honest, fair pricing and very dependable!!”
– Loyal Customer
“The folks at Sig Cox went out of their way to complete repairs on my system. I had a tight window, and while they missed it by about 15 minutes, they were gracious, apologetic, and able to complete repairs (glad they didn't recommend replacement) after I left the house. I paid over the phone, and all was well again. Would highly recommend them, they were outstanding.”
– Astonished Customer
“Sig Cox replaced my old under-house crawl space ducts in the attic making the limited crawl space area more manageable to encapsulate. They also replaced the old, dead compressor and dying under-house air-handler. They did a great job!”
– Happy Customer
“The Sig Cox tech was extremely professional and obviously knowledgeable in his trade. Judging by his explanation of the status of my HVAC system I would wager his inspections were very thorough. Money well spent for peace of mind on a house we intend to buy with HVACs that are 10+ years old. Once we secure the house, they will be our HVAC service provider without question. Highly recommended.”
– Devoted Customer