About Sig Cox Heating and Air Conditioning

Sig Cox Heating and Air Conditioning is a residential and commercial air conditioning and heating company that’s been serving the greater Augusta area for nearly 90 years! Our company specializes in HVAC service and sales and is managed by a team of HVAC and mechanical engineering experts.

We’ve built our reputation for honesty, quality and dependability by committing ourselves to excellence in every aspect of business from installation and service to customer relationships. Whether it’s new construction, major remodeling, furnace repair or air conditioning repair, Sig Cox Heating and Air Conditioning has the products and skills to tackle any job quickly and professionally.

We carry innovative, high-end Lennox® products that will help your HVAC systems run more efficiently and more reliably than the competition. Pair high-technology products with our outstanding repair and maintenance service, and you’ve found a match made in HVAC heaven. Our friendly technicians make repair challenges look easy – so you’ll be able to get back to a relaxing and comfortable home in no time. We aim to exceed your expectations by providing you with a quality product, industry expertise and outstanding customer service.

Your whole-home comfort is our priority. That’s why we service all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment and offer service seven days a week, minus the five major holidays.

Sig Cox Heating and Air Conditioning is right here in Augusta to meet your heating and cooling service and product replacement needs. We’re also proud supporters of many local charities. Give us a call at 706-722-5304 or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Mr. Sig Cox and the Early History of Sig Cox Inc.

Mr. Sig Cox’s first experience with contracting was in 1926. He was a graduate of Louisville Academy in Louisville, Georgia. He had been experimenting and studying electricity and during his summer vacation he bid on a contract to wire homes in Gibson, Georgia. He won the contract and went to work. He subsequently lost $200 on the install jobs, a huge sum of money in those days. His father helped bail him out and he paid back every cent.

After that summer he attended Georgia Tech, which in those days was called the Georgia School of Technology. He was 17 at the time, had graduated early, and was ready and eager to learn. A little too eager it seems because he decided to leave school six weeks into the year. He decided he could learn faster on his own and make money while doing it.

He headed to the “big city” of Augusta, Georgia, and checked into the local YMCA. He right away found a job with the local Frigidaire dealer sweeping the shop area and helping with repairs.

At night he studied at the Academy of Richmond County, later to be known as Augusta College, Augusta State, and GRU. He studied calculus, physics and other math and science courses under Colonel J. T. Hains.

In the 1930s, Sig went into business for himself, so actually Sig Cox was formally started some 5-10 years after he wired those first homes in Gibson. He ran the business from his garage, and the “fleet” of service vehicles consisted of a Chevrolet business coupe with the back seat removed for storage space. His daughter, BJ Haynie recalls sitting on small wooden chairs in the back of the car with her sister Jane leaning against a metal rack with fan belts hanging all over it. Robert Haynie recalled having Sig work on his family’s refrigerator when he was 4-5 years old. Robert often wondered what Sig would have been thinking if he knew this little boy would one day be his son-in-law.

In 1940, he moved to a larger building on the upper end of Broad Street near Lake Olmstead. He remained there for around 15 years and then company moved to the current location on Greene Street in a building constructed by Bill Kuhlke. The adjacent sheet metal shop in was built in 1960. Sig developed some heart problems in the mid 60s, and his ever worsening hearing also caused him concern about being able to do his daily duties. He retired at this time and sold his interest to a group of employees he referred to as “the boys.”

Sig spent the next 20 years traveling with his Air Stream trailer between his home in Jackson, South Carolina, and the space coast of Florida. He also would spend time in his home in Beaufort, South Carolina, one of his most favorite places of all. He was an avid trout fisherman as some of those at this meeting could probably attest. He continued his fascination with microcomputers, building and experimenting with them in his shop in Jackson. His bought his last computer at the age of 80.

Sig passed away in August of 1997 at the age of 87 after battling Alzheimer’s disease for nearly eight years.